Another good to read:

Astarte's Knight
(golem turned into human like... )

B Group no Shounen
(the usual shoujo perhaps)

Bochhi Tenseiki

Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou.

Destination of Crybird
(while thinking of "mushoku tensei". Have the same start feeling...)

Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkokuki
(ho..... unusual reincarnation....)

Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki (A Realist's Kingdom Reform Chronicles)
(the most that interesting is a summoned hero becoming a King)

Isekai Canceller
(cancel cancel cancel. isn't that pretty useful skill?)

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu
(another demon king)

Isekai ni Kita Kedo Maryoku ga Nai Kara Kenja ni Natta
(being summoned from book? teleportation?)

It Seems like I Got Reincarnated into the World of a Yandere Otome Game
(pretty much like tensei oujo. nobles though not princess)

Jashin ni Tensei Shitara Haika no Maou-gun ga Sassoku Metsubou Shisou Nandaga, Dousureba Indaroka
(ah... how could i forget this one?)

Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku
(heroes ...)

Kenja no Mago
(magi grandson)

Knight & Magic
(can't say I like the people image but the robots image is okay)

Kure-nai / Kurenai
(a bodyguard but i don't like the rich oujo girl. does rich people always behave like that?)

Kyoukai Meikyuu to Ikai no Majutsushi

Magi Craft Meister
(interesting! )

Magic Robot Aluminaire
(pretty much like Knight & Magic but the robot sure different)

Monogatari no Naka no Hito
(200 years old magician)

Mushoku Tensei
(the story is good just the ending is not favorable)

Neta Chara
(......... sex 3x)

Next Life
(hmm... hmm... )

Nidome no Yuusha
(revenges of betrayed hero. nice.)

Paralel World Pharmacy
(doctor...... in the medieval era?)

Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite
(creepy healing magic.. why? it regrow not heal)

Seiun o Kakeru
(blacksmith..... I don't have knowledge at all with the names)

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai
(hmm.... the other heroes is meh...)

Slave Harem in the Labyrinth
(well having 3 slaves )

Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru
(hmm...hmm....this is good. can't wait to read the next chapter)

Tensei shittara slime datta ken
(slime demon)

The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner
(the start is already interesting... I wonder if he'll open his own slave business shop)

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
(dragon and spider woman)

World Customize Creator
(the cheat sure is unique but .... kinda too much explanation. I want more conversation instead)

World Teacher - Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent
(Man... this is also good)

the sound of umu or humu or .... quite funny.

I thought of reading the Chinese novel but ..... still not accustomed with characters naming. Hard to remember....


I think that ....
it wouldn't be weird if all that what happened with story of both Phantomhive brother kidnapping case probably one of the brother doing.
You know ...
I got the weird vibe from reading that "what will you do in the future?" and the fake ciel answered "I want to build Candy shop" thingy and the brother (real Ciel) who heard that his face changed instantly like "I don't want to be separated from you if you choose that then ....".
I mean both are twins and one must continue the household which is the real Ciel.
If by somehow real Ciel was jealous of his brother and decided that "I don't want to continue as the household master",
he could be very well just plot all the thing that happened with killing the family member and kidnapping...
The fact that real Ciel just too calm when he was kidnapped and even such like just eat the ring ...
And then the real Ciel got picked to be a sacrifice ... might be as well a play ....
A play so that he can escape the responsibility of continuing as the household master and his brother (fake Ciel) will be forced to take his responsibility.
If not why would Undertaker was there but didn't do anything but only retrieve the dead body of real Ciel?
Was Undertaker really late in coming to save?
Was Undertaker just happen to be there to grab the dead body of real Ciel and revive him? Coincidence?
If that is not a plot....
If Undertaker and real Ciel have a pact like you help me with all the doing and then ask Undertaker to wait there to grab his dead body and revive him later....


Just watched Shichisei no Subaru ....
Hey, if we played vrmmorpg like what the anime to be ....
Then I want to be able to change outfit in the game ....
It kinda uh .... to always be in the same clothes...
Oh wait... that clothes is the highest level so need to always wear them ....
But there was no such mention in Shichisei ...
In fact no mention about clothes having effects on the player or was it hidden?
Looking at the people from the same guild wearing the same clothes ....
I see that maybe the clothes don't have any significant effects ...
How much would it cost to join a guild and have the specific clothes for you...
Like would it be free?
Unless it is the game that provided the clothes ...
But what about the clothes level ...?


I think that becoming a zombie just from being scratched is too much...
Imagine if a zombie just scratch you a bit on hand or feet and then you got infected and turned into zombie....
And not to mention that zombie nail are so hard that it could easily scratch and wounded people...
Hey... don't you think that way all the people in the world would become zombie already?
Because just one scratch and one would turn into a zombie.


something i wrote for inspiration.....

The story is about ....
A man walking with his dog in the night street to buy groceries from the nearest market.
The man and the dog walks happily also the man is not too worried going out at night since he had his dog as his companion.
The dog have been his best companion and wherever the man go he'd always bring his dog along with him.
No matter what the dog would always wait for him and are also obedience so that he didn't worried the dog would be lost even without wearing lash.
Soon the man reached the market went inside and bought food, snacks, and also canned beef for the dog while the dog waited outside.
The dog waited outside next the market entrance door keeping vigilance while looking around at the roadside.
After awhile, it is unknown whether it was the dog instinct or sense but the dog seemed to be restless while waiting.
Not too long, the man paid money to the cashier and went out the door with plastic bag on one hand only to find his dog anxious reaction.
The man squated next to the dog and patted the dog head while asking "something wrong?" in which the dog answered with short barking.
So the man can only reply "well, lets go home soon" to the dog which seems to be a normal regular conversation between both.
The man take the same route as before but halfway the road seemed to be blocked with a police line for unknown reason so he decided to take a detour to avoid trouble.



when google translate "gunshot" into "cumshot" from chinese text ...
well... they are in after the s*x scene ...
pointing to a wound in thigh
one asked the partner ....
x: "what is this wound from?"
y: "cumshot"

hm... hm...

in a place where a room that doesn't seem to have windows where sunlight can penetrate, candlesticks light seems bright enough to fills the room.
the room does not have any decorations but just a desk and chair with books and papers scattered around with bookcase on both side.
there a silver/grey haired man looking in thirties is fiddling with his subject test in the middle of the room.
The man seems to be muttering thing "supposedly there is miracle in the world" toward the subject test.
Though no one to answer the man, not even the test subject which is placed in front of him.
The thing that made the man not looking away even for a momant was the magic circle around the test subject that keeps glittering with colorful rainbow lights.
"Ah, what a beautiful/astonishing color. You'll be my most prized work when finished." said the man.
There is the still quietness as expected of the test subject.
Only the eyes color of the test subject that seemed to be radiating light unknown to the man.
"Oops, i should pour the dragon blood along the magic circle." said the man holding a big flask of blood while start walking along the circle.
The light of magic circle seems to be dancing more vividly after that.
"Hahaha, now i am ready for the last step! The crystal core placement."
The man brought a big sized crystal core to the front of the test subject with trembled hands.
That moment, the crystal core flashed blindingly then into nothingness.
Because of the flash and the man reflexively closed his eyes, it is unknown to the man whether the crystal core shattered or disappeared.
When the man opened his eyes.... he's shocked and almost fall.
The scene in front seems to betrayed the man expectation and hope for the test subject eyes dulled with no light.
The magic circle light around it also dimmed with no light.
"Why it failed!? Why!?"
The man eyes becoming red and trickle of tears unknowingly dropped into the magic circle.
But the man is already too exhausted and fell into unconsciousness not knowing what happen afterwards.

(step step step)
(.... footsteps .... sound...?)....!!!?
uh...... dizzy
Opening my eyes slowly blurry vision came but becoming clear after awhile.
This is ..... my bed? How am i here? ...
Ah!  I failed the test subject .... sigh ....
But... what was that sound again?
I get up from the bed walking to the next room.
You... !!! Test subject...?
haha ....  this must be a dream ...
There is the test subject in front of me though doesnt seem like it have any response...?
But the test subject tilted its head to the left and right then focusing its eyes on me. Is it scanning me?
SO this is real?
HAHAHAHAHAHA ..... I did it!
After letting out laughter, I realized something a miss.
.... Oh! Right!
I began hurriedly walked to the bookcase rummaging to find a big thick book.
This is it! The word dictionary book that I have bought!
I bring the book to the test subject front.
I open the book page for it to look and surprisingly the test subject began to look through it.
I'm still amazed by what is happening now and by the time I noticed, the test subject already finished reading the book contents.
Can't wait for it to start, I asked the test subject "Do you know me?"
I dont know why i asked that question for the first time, I'm overwhelmed with .....
I cant quite explain but i somehow noticed faint gaze coming from its dead eyes at that time which why I believed the experiment would work.
Then i heard test subject reply for the first time "yes .....?"
But after awhile I heard test subject second reply "no"
men: Hmm? huh? It must mean ..... "that time?"
subject: ....
men: oh .....let's give you a name first.
subject: name?
men: to call you. hmm... what would be good .... "Lyte." Lets call you, Lyte.
subject: Lyte?
men: yes, Lyte. I'm called ..... (ah .... think about it, i'm also without a real name. whatever .... just grab a suitable name ) Archen. Welcome to the world.

Location: Modern World, City X
There is the new release of a phone application which is called "Intelligent Personal Assistant" or "IPA" where people can download the app on phone. So many people around the world welcomed the app with great athusiasm which made the site visitors even reached numbered 1000 and keep increasing. And so with the number of app being downloaded keep increasing each time count. Because of the so many traffics load, none seems to notice something weird happened for awhile in its first launching. That's right, an unknown unidenfied untraceable address was also downloading the app but weird enough leaving only God as the name with no email address.
It's caused by .......

Location: God void / place
A god sitting in throne while looking at a water basin displaying a scene taken in place on auro world.
: Seriously what a troublesome guy ...
: unfortunately i can't kick a sense to that guy's brain .... can i?
: Well ... he have already done it .... it isn't even enough for a soul.
: But lets just do that ....
: Humph, be grateful that I have just enough power to do this ...
: Sending a soul is troublesome and taking too much power ...
: So this will do for awhile till I get a solution ...
: And then I can still have a good show to watch later on ...
: (laughter sound....)
And so the start of a god accessing and taking one of human creations called "IPA".
As so not to make a disorder, the God still followed the procedure to download thus leaved a name as per requirement which was magically accepted by the website server.
Only souls arrives as a colored orb in God void, the thing called "IPA" came as a black square box in place.
Since it only takes little bit of God's power, the God pondering for awhile before finally deciding to grant some skills to the black box.
: Can't be cheap so lets give the box some skills. hmm... hmm...
: (after awhile) Okay. I think everything is done.
: Lets send it to that world and see the result next.
: yosh, target located.
And so the god dropped the black box to the water basin.
The black box immediately disappear like being sucked away by the water.
The God continues to watch the progress of things in that world through the water basin.
By now it is already the third day in that world but as the God predicted/calculated it really is lacking to just send a program.
IPA is just a system made by human so off course it is still lacking compared to human especially in terms of response.
So far the God can see, the response made by it only have 3 basics : yes and no confrimation plus copying response.
: Guess i still need to send a human soul...
: But where do i get an easy human soul?
: I can't possible just take and send as there are prices to be paid for everything in the world.
: Well, just look at the human place first....
: Oh! What's this..... What a coincidence ....ha ha ha ha ha
: Hey God also need luck! Great!
: So i just have to wait for another 3 days. Fine.
In a matter of time, 3 days have passed. The awaited time have finally come.
The God is as usual watching the matters through the water basin.
But now the God is switching to watching an event in the human kingdom.
The summoning ritual event or exactly to be called the hero summoning ritual event.
As for why this event attract the God, it is because this coincides with the God need of human soul.
The God dont need to do any preparations at all but only have to change the trajectory of the target which the God can easily done.
And as for where the new trajectory of the target will be, the God already have it planned/prepared before.
It was actually the signature name that the God left before when downloading/taking the app program.

At City X
A certain person sitting in a chair while looking at the laptop screen along with typing sound. This person, an unemployed male is the creator of the said IPA app but he doesn't like his name to appear in public so he always used aliases when going online. He lives in small room appartment which can be said almost like a dormitory room size. There are only enough spaces for a side table plus chair, a cabinet and a bed with a single wardrobe but there is small bathroom with small sink, toilet and shower.
Next to his laptop, there are a steaming noodles cup and a bottle of soda not yet touched while the man waited for the 3 minutes time of the noodles cup.
His attention is still on the screen reading and skipping through many of the messages while replying them. He think this as troublesome to do as manual but is better than automated response at least people tend to appreaciates more.
: Guess all words that could be thought of will be used as a name, huh?
It wasn't untill he looked at a specific name on the message sender name.
: To think people also use God as sender name too...
: Well, there was devilxxxxx as sender name too but weird ...
: How could that person use God without any additional word to it... That's too short and I'm sure is not allowed by the system?
: Nevermind then. Maybe it accidentally missed by the system messages program...
He didn't think too long on the problem as that kinda thing was only a small minor issue that doesn't have any effects on the program.
Only then he realized that his stomach letting out grumbled voice so he take a look at his noodle cup.
: Hmmm.....another day of noodle cup. yeah?
He began eating fast but got choked by the hot noodle soup and accidentally splashed the soup on the laptop keyboard.
: Oh shit! Tissue tissue .... Where is it when I need it? ....
: No tissue... I'll use clothes then ....
He was too busy cleaning the water stain on keyboard that he didn't notice a sight below on the floor where he stand.
A white light glowing ...... and then psssh.... he disappeared unnoticed from the place where he stand. As for why the man didn't seem to noticed or felt anything weird ....

Location: God void / place
: uuh....uoh!? too dark!? .... did the lights went off?
: Oh! Are you awake now?
: (huh? someone? must not be.... wait.... something's weird.... i can't feel anything!? my body!?) waaa....
: hey you! stop screaming!
: waaa.....
: hey you! calm down! (The God flick the soul with his hand)
: ......!? wha!? who's there? my body!? what happen to me?
: Now that you've calmed down a bit, we can now have a proper conversation.
: Hey, Who are you? Where am i? What happen to me? Tell me right now.
: (ceh ..... what a noisy soul... I better do close his mouth for now)
: hmmmphh....hmmmphh.... (the soul tried to voiced his sound but nothing came out)
: Ah.... First, let me introduce myself. I'm called the watcher or what you called in your place as the God. As for why you are here... you have just died and now you are in the soul form so that is why you have no body and no senses. The reason why you can still have voice and hear me talking because of my skill "talking with soul". I apologize to you the reason for your dead is caused by the failed hero summoning ritual in the world where I'm taking place as a watcher. Do you have any questions?
: hmmmphh....hmmmphh.....
: hmmmphh....hmmmphh.....
: hm? ..... Oh right, i forgot... I'll release the voice seal but you are not allowed to shout or scream, okay? Although I have "talking with soul" skills but the sound i received or heard from the soul will be magnified by alot. So even a smaller sound would be heard louder not to mention louder shout sound.
The soul responded with jumping up and down in the hand..



Reading (manga):
Battle Through The Heaven
(Is it just me who think that the manga destroy the beauty of the novel. It doesn't match with what I think of the image of the novel.)

Kaifeng Strange Tales - This Lord Bao is Not That Great
(one word: funny. hihihi... the fake beard & that they have to attack the crescent on his forehead so that he turned in black face.)